Many international schools are wonderful places offering students great facilities, challenging and motivating learning experiences, as well as fantastic opportunities to build intercultural understanding and develop 21st century workplace skills.

The key to avoiding potential pitfalls when setting out into the world of international schooling is preparation. In choosing an private English school that you can attend in Cambodia it is crucial that families are not only fully informed about the options they are considering but also that they give thought to their own needs, priorities, aspirations and beliefs so that they can ensure there is a good match between what the school is offering and what they need and are looking for from the school.

International schools have exploded in number in recent years; it was recently estimated that there are over 6500 such institutions around the world and most major cities have various international schools serving both the expatriate and local populations. In a rapidly expanding marketplace, it is inevitable that the quality of some of these schools will be open to question and parents need to be sure of the credibility of the institutions they are considering sending their children to.

There are plenty of other factors that also need to be considered by the family seeking the best fit international school option: the learning styles and needs of their children, the type of curriculum and associated pedagogy on offer, the availability and nature of quality assurance data, questions related to language, the implications of repatriation or future relocations; all of these issues and many more need to be considered in depth before, during and after school visits.