Search engine optimization is crucial for any business, small or corporate. And when SEO is done right more sales and traffic is guaranteed. Here are 3 basic SEO steps that every website has to do.

Keyword Research

SEO professionals analyze your business, your target market and your competition to identify the best keyword “opportunity areas” for your website. They will then perform extensive deep keyword research within these areas to identify the specific keyword phrases that will provide the best ROI of your digital marketing investments for your business when optimized for natural search engine traffic. Based on the search frequency and competition for each keyword, they will make recommendations about which ones to focus on. The final selection of keywords will, of course, be up to you.

Content Audit

One of the saddest situations is when a website is well optimized for traffic and receives a large number of visitors…but fails to turn those visitors into buyers. SEO experts can perform an assessment of your website’s current ability to “convert” visitors to customers and recommend changes to improve your site’s conversion rate.

Content Optimization

They will take the time to fully understand your product or service, your company, your competitors and your target market and learn the language your potential customers think in. One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is to use industry jargon instead of the words that make sense to their customers. For example, the airline industry’s term is “lower fares” but customers are more likely to think “cheap flights”. Effective content focuses on your customer’s felt needs and presents a clear call to action.