Where should you begin? There are so many things to do in Maui that if you’re thinking of going for a week, you might want to reconsider this, and change your plans to vacation for two weeks instead, so that you can have a full experience with a long list of wonderful things to do. Of all the experiences you’ve ever had on a vacation, whether it’s been on your own, with a loved one, or with your family, without a shadow of a doubt, Maui will be hands down the most wonderful and memorable vacation you will ever encounter. Have you ever considered Kayaking? Well, if you’ve ever considered trying this magical adventure then Maui is the place to dig your feet in. It’s pretty simple.

With the professional advice from the locals, they will recommend the right spots for you to roam free among the quiet tide. You will have the salt water beneath your kayak, clear all the way to the ocean’s floor, where you will encounter the most beautiful sea life you ever imagined possible without snorkeling or scuba diving. Maybe sport fishing is your thing. In Maui, there are fishing charters on boats specially designed for big game sports fishing. If you have never been big game fishing before, you are in for an experience you will talk to friends about for years to come. Horseback riding has always been a favorite activity of many in Maui. From Mendez Ranch to Ironwood Ranch, Maui is filled with spots to ride the coastline paradise beaches as the sun sets or rises. The majestic giants will make you feel alive as the sea brushes up on your feet.

A lot of people enjoy vacations in Maui, not just for the beautiful sites to relax and sit back, but also very much for the exercise. The sunrise bike tours will be right up your alley. Among many spots, Haelakala would be a first recommendation for a ride. This ride starts on the crater of this volcanic piece of paradise, and is a spiritual moment that will captivate a moment in your life not to be forgotten. Starting in from Haelakala through Kula, and ending in Paia, the trip is absolutely majestic. The kids are most likely going to ask you every day to see the dolphins.

The best dive Maui location and to swim and interact with the dolphins is in Lanai. The dolphins are not in enclosures, but are all around basking in the bay because they love human connection. Whether you are snorkeling, diving, swimming or peering over the ocean’s surface, the dolphins are always in close proximity, and an experience with the dolphins on Lanai is inevitable. Maui has plenty of spectacular adventures awaiting you, such as hiking, sail boating trips, and the list goes on. Book your trip for your once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Maui today.