The WordPress theme layout is the format of your blog that provides you with the different places to show navigation links, main post, categories, Adsense, and other widgets. You can say that the layout is the management tool for the different components that are associated with your blog.

Different Layouts Available

There are many different kinds of WordPress theme layout available. In most cases, the number of columns creates the main difference. You can choose between one column, two columns, three columns and even four columns layout. The one column layout is not very popular now. People used to download WordPress themes with a one column layout few years back when blogging was a new thing for the Internet community.

Now that WordPress has brought extensive innovations for the users, you have plenty of other choices available. The two-column and three-column WordPress theme layout have been the favorites of the new age bloggers. When you buy WordPress themes with two or three columns, you will find that things become much easier, as you can easily put the different elements of your blog at their right places. There are a lot of site builders now as well, so no coding is required anymore. There are even real estate builders such as the famous Showcase IDX and you can learn more about it from this review on

In most cases, the main post is kept in the central column while the navigation links, categories, favorites, polls, adsense, and other widgets are kept in the side bar or bars of the WordPress theme layout. No doubt that unique content is king, but you can also not ignore the layout aspect. Great content may not be of any use if the readers are unable to navigate easily.