When it comes to navigating the often intricate labyrinth of patent applications, many inventors turn to professional services to guide them through the process. Among those services, InventHelp stands as a prominent player, dedicated to assisting inventors with all types of patents. Let’s delve into how InventHelp can lend a helping hand in patenting your unique invention.

Variety of Patent Types: What Can be Patented?

Before examining how InventHelp can be of service, it’s important to understand the variety of patents one can apply for. Generally, patents fall into three broad categories:

  • Utility Patents: These are patents granted for new and useful processes, machines, manufacturing articles, or matter compositions. Essentially, they encompass functional inventions.
  • Design Patents: This type of patent is granted for new, original, and decorative designs for an article of manufacture.
  • Plant Patents: These types of patents protect asexually reproduced, distinct, and new varieties of plants.

Understanding these categories is critical in shaping your patent application, irrespective of whether you are self-filing or seeking professional assistance like InventHelp.

Can InventHelp help with international patents? Yes, InventHelp can help with international patents. They have an extensive network of patent attorneys and consultants who are familiar with the process of filing and protecting your ideas in foreign countries.

InventHelp’s Services Across Patent Categories

InventHelp is equipped to provide assistance across all types of patents, ranging from utility to design and plant patents. Here’s how they can help:

Utility Patents

InventHelp’s services for utility patents include crafting detailed descriptions of your invention’s technical aspects, which is crucial for the patent application. Their experienced team provides aid in defining the unique features of your invention and how it functions, both important aspects of a utility patent. This can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a patent.

Design Patents

Design patents are often visual-centric, making the assistance InventHelp provides in developing high-quality photographs or drawings of your invention paramount. InventHelp’s team not only helps in rendering these drawings but also ensures that they adhere to the distinct specifications set by the patent office.

Plant Patents

Plant Patents can be a unique and complex category. Here, InventHelp’s professionals’ expertise can help you document the specifics of your plant variety, ensuring that it meets the criteria of being asexually reproduced, distinct, and new.

The InventHelp Difference: Offering a Holistic Package

Beyond the specific patent categories, InventHelp’s comprehensive services can be valuable throughout the patenting process. These encompass:

  • Patent Services: InventHelp’s patent services can help you develop and file your patent application, ensuring that it is clear and concise.
  • Prototype Services: InventHelp can assist in creating prototypes of your invention, helping you better understand your own invention and increasing its appeal to potential licensors.
  • Submission to Industry: InventHelp maintains a database of companies that have agreed to review InventHelp client inventions in confidence. This can improve your invention’s visibility and chances of commercialization.

How do Inventors get paid? Inventors earn a percentage of the money that their invention makes when it is licensed to a third party. This can range from 10% to 40% of the profits, depending on the type of invention and the complexity involved in bringing it to market.


Irrespective of the type of patent you seek, InventHelp can provide comprehensive support throughout the patenting process. Their rich experience and expertise can be invaluable to both first-time and seasoned inventors. By reducing the burden of technical details and navigational complexities, InventHelp plays an essential role in bringing your unique invention to life.