Do names like Ruby or William, Sienna or Jack and Olivia or Oliver leave you feeling uninspired? Do you want your baby to be the only one in his or her class with that name? If so, you are probably looking for a unique baby name, here are a few tips to finding the right unique baby name for your new baby.

Start out by Studying the popular lists. If you want a truly unique name then it pays to study popular baby name lists. Why? Because then you’ll know what not to go with!!! You may be surprised to find that a name that you thought was unique has been quietly been gaining in popularity over the past few years and is on its way to being the new Jack!!

Keep an eye on those lists, and read beyond the top 10. Then Consider what kind of unique you are after. Unique comes in many forms, and can vary from a little-used traditional name, through to a truly unique name that you’ve made up yourself! Deciding what “brand” of unique you are after now will help you in where to look for inspiration! Keep reading for 5 tips to finding a unique baby name.

1. Use a surname. There are some great sounding surnames out there that would work fantastically as a first name. Use a family name from your own family tree, or look to celebrities for a great surname first name like Brady, Kennedy, Cassidy, Kramer or Monroe.

2. Go back in time. Finding a unique name today can be as easy as looking to the past. Names like Maude and Abraham, while traditional, may sound fresh and unique on a new baby today.

3. Look to nature. There are so many beautiful words in nature which stir strong emotions and imagery and would make a beautiful and unique name. Think flowers, trees, spices, natural features and animals, even seasons, directions, weather and celestial words can give inspiration to your unique baby name list

4. Go cultural. Consider names in other languages, or foreign versions of English names, even just words in another language can sound beautiful as a unique baby name. Look through baby name lists from exotic countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Kidzable – online family portal has a lot of these names.

5. Don’t look past the place name. While there are plenty of Indiana’s running around at the moment, and posh and becks made it popular with their Brooklyn, choosing a unique baby name based on a place name can be meaningful to you as well as providing a beautiful name for your baby. Look to places you’ve visited or are inspired by, country name, names of rivers, mountains, towns and roads are all full of inspiration for your unique baby name list.

The most important thing is to have fun, choosing a name for your baby is such a special time, don’t discount anything based on someone else’s tastes, be inspired by the things that you love and are important to you, and work your list down over time until you find the perfect name!