rent a dumpster

Many people think that dumpster rentals are only appropriate when doing a large remodeling job to their home. They also might be under the impression a dumpster can’t be rented because they are not a contractor. Anyone can rent a dumpster, and it doesn’t have to be for a remodel. These are the top three reasons to rent a dumpster for the home.


In the spring, there are a lot of jobs around the house that have been ignored since the beginning of winter. There might be storm damage to the roof and gutter system after a rough winter. A homeowner might decide to fix that leaking shower head, which means the homeowner will have to remove part of the bathroom wall too.

All the old materials like wall board, tiles, paper, nails and tiles need to be disposed of properly. A dumpster is the perfect solution. At the end of the project, a truck will remove all the old materials from the spring repair project.


Renting a dumpster for a move is a smart decision. After years living in one location, it might be a surprise to see the amount of things that have accumulated. The garage, basement, attic and crawl space have tons of belongings. Those old things don’t need to be moved from one location to the next. The homeowner will want to move with a sense of shedding old, unwanted clutter. It’ll give a new start and a clean slate moving forward.

rent a dumpster

Spring Cleaning

After deciding to tackle the overflowing garage filled with broken bicycles, old toys and outdoor furniture, trash needs to be put somewhere. The basement and attic are places that need cleaning at least once a year too. There might be places in the main part of the home that need a good, thorough de-cluttering.

Kids’ playrooms, family rooms and bedrooms can fill with broken or unwanted items. Renting a dumpster will allow the clutter and trash to be removed from the home easily over a weekend.

Dumpster rentals make deep, thorough cleaning easy. Often, there are interruptions during the process that stop the homeowner from finishing. That’s probably why it has accumulated over the years. Curbside trash removal will only take so much of the trash on pickup day. A dumpster rental company is a simple way to remove all the clutter and trash that has built up in the home.