Mobile signal coverage is affected by many factors:

  • Building Construction
  • Rural Areas and Remote Locations
  • Large Buildings
  • Dense Urban Areas
  • Interference

Coverage varies by network and population and varies considerably across the UK, many rural areas aren’t served very well, this is because the network operators can’t or won’t justify the cost of building additional mobile network base stations. More and more of the population is using mobile communication as there primary form of contact rather than fixed line.

The type of building materials used in the construction of the building can greatly affect the penetration of mobile signals. Parallel metal structures cause interference and make difficult for mobile phone signals to penetrate. Many modern buildings have metal structures which can result in little or no mobile signal and buildings utilizing reinforced concrete have the same issue. Older buildings with thicker denser walls can also cause problems for mobile signals.

However, not all mobile signal boosters are good. There are a lot of cheap signal boosters from China that are usually even not legal in UK. So, you should do your research and always look for legal mobile signal booster if you want to get a real mobile phone signal boost.

Even in densely populated areas mobile signal reception can vary considerably even when there is adequate provision of network base stations as a result of interference because of the density signal transmissions.

Are Mobile Signal Boosters Safe?

Mobile Signal Boosters actually reduce the radiation output from your phone as a result of providing a strong signal, which is why you experience better battery life. In areas of weak or no signal the mobile phone is constantly broadcasting messages to try and find a network base station, this results in the mobile phone radiating higher levels of electromagnetic radiation and increased battery consumption.

The signal being re broadcast from the Mobile signal booster has a lower level of electromagnetic radiation than a mobile handset in a poor signal / reception area as that handset it trying to communicate with the network base station directly. Any electromagnetic radiation from the booster kit would disperse from the external antenna, which is located far enough away to not be of concern.

The issues of mobile phone network base station mast radiation that are documented in the press are generally unfounded and not scientifically endorsed. Either way the Network Base Stations or Masts are 10s of thousands times more powerful than mobile signal boosters.