HP Plotter service center in Dubai can help to keep your HP Designjet Plotter running trouble free and at optimum capacity with a bespoke program of regular servicing.

With years of experience in Designjet plotter repair and servicing, HP Plotter service center in Dubai is well placed to help with any plotting issues you may encounter. Whether there is difficulty with communication between the PC and the plotter, driver issues or problems with the network, HP Plotter service center in Dubai are here to help.

A HP Plotter service center in Dubai follows a structured plan to ensure every potential problem is alleviated; obviously this cannot highlight potential breakdowns due to electronic failure.

A standard service includes:

1. Interrogation of the machine’s error log to check for recurring errors.

2. Visual inspection of machine.

3. Removal of all debris from the chassis of the machine.

4. Removal of all debris from around the carriage motor and idler.

(As the carriage belt starts to wear rubber contamination falls into the printer)

5. Clean all sensors.

6. Clean printhead contacts on pen carriage assembly.

7. Clean and relubricate carriage assembly slider rods.

8. Check and clean spittoon and service station.

9. Clean outer covers.

10. Recalibrate and test machine.

What are the benefits of regular servicing by HP Plotter service center in Dubai?

  • Less downtime so more productivity.
  • Machine is kept at optimum performance.
  • All parts used are genuine HP.